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Link contains The_Notion_of_Occultism_v3.pdf (Version 3)

Here is the compilation of the former posts into one complete chronology. This is the master copy of the full text in .pdf format. 29 pages, 15,203 words. Five essays form the totality of one thesis, the occult Notion, on, what may be thought of as, meta-occultism. Overall, the occult Notion articulates how language and the human situation (condition) is a relatively abstract circumstance in itself, and that ideas of the supernatural and paranormal are absurd, but necessary to give meaning to logos, sign systems, transcending both anthropomorphic determinism, and anthropocentric self-referentiality, which imposes over an otherwise mythical and mystical occult reality.

The occult sprung to mind out of peripheral respect to spiritual mysticism and esoteric inclination, in regards to authorial intent. The occult is a more taboo way of questioning certain peculiarities of human biological nature to the cosmos, but why "the notion" over anything else had to do with approaching all this without relying on heavy research. Rather, it was apprehending different contextual notions to connect the dots and string together a new coordination of associations. To make this picture somewhat coherent was to consider defining such notions from a linguistic relativity in contrast to the notions formed from a linguistic determinism established by the project itself. Relative to defining the paranormal/supernatural occult notions is the occult as having an introspective counterculture appeal to it, the cult of occult, while noting some postmodern aspects of it. On the other sleight of hand, the Notion thesis determined other occult potential by developing some fundamental, critical thoughts on subjectivity and spirituality, recursively overlapping. An idea in the process of understanding a solipsistic oneness. That kind of occult.

The product, therefore, features, in the following order, an Introduction [to the Notion of occultism], Subjective Atheism and The Will, Of Indication and Reference, The Subjective Atheist’s Moral Compass: (…), and We Are The Aliens. This should be a 60 minute read according to’s algorithm.

The Notion of Occultism officially began December 17th, 2020, and officially finished March 11th, 2021, written in short bursts periodically over the last 84 days. Thank you for the 0 followers gained, 27 views, and 10 incomplete reads. There have been spontaneous little edits done to the texts throughout, but now has been realized to the best of one’s DIY ability as chief writer & editor.

Yours falsely,

Kauneonga John



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