The Disorganized Poet of Images: A Novelette

Chapter 0.3482: The Black Family II

"This particular ballpit is about a mile deep to the bottom. A man by the name of Cheddy Munchie is said to be stuck down there, doing jumping jacks and meditating on why Shel Silverstein became reincarnated into a naked crayon. Two weeks later, the FBI raided the place and confiscated the tongue of Cheddy Munchie. He knew too much about denturology. His hot wallet had a bunch of NFTs that were stolen x-rays from his dentist’s office, but the FBI wanted to understand just how old all those dentures were. Cheddy Munchie wasn’t able to speak on the subject, so he let his dentures do the chattering. The puppeteered dentures told official sources that he choked on a mozzarella stick, and, therefore, should be dead already. And like that, he died. Anyone who showed up for his funeral was only there to witness an imitation Dimebag Darrel float up from a clogged toilet, reenacting Cemetery Gates pinch harmonics on blast."

"All of this happened in between the wink of Jeremy Jane Jonklesmeth. Jommy Jan Merkleblip. Jommy Jam whatever his name is! The guy who appeared creaking his head from behind the Kramer door, having a staring contest with the full moon! Well, he was always the kinda Jan Jerkins to ponder on his intuition—you see, my dear boy, there he was a-speculatin’, thinking about how he comes across to others, that if he has the notion of a certain thing he gone done, that them there other people talked smack behind his back at that precise moment it occured for him to use foresight on what it was that became a topic of interest somehow through synchronicity. Maybe they thought him tomfoolish when he himself got on a Cheddy Krueger school bus early moaning and overhead some folx sitting down speaking out loud in high regard about him. In theory his delusional narcissism that streamed out his—tock tock—noggin' was factually others, In Real Life, mocking how he sounds either transgender or androgynous at the drive-thru speakerbox, then cringing about how he widdles his fangers in front of the stock charts like a game of rock/paper/scissors: sure, my bastard made some coin, sure they didn’t know that, but uhhh, ye, them there folks, those other people, if you will, still assumed the worst of him. Now what was I yarning aboot?"

"Humans use language—an expression of abstraction on sensory experience—often as a trap for social predation. In this example Web 3.0 is the language trap; the humptydumptyism. An infinitely plastic cognitive map designed specifically not to have any corresponding territory. Con 'artists' use this technique all the time; the weaponized contradiction. Politicians are adept at it, media propagandists as well. Prey will suffer the reification fallacy when attempting to confirm their bias and believe the conman is selling them exactly what they need. They mistake the map for the territory. Couple all this with the human addiction to Meaning via neurochemistry and any third-party observation of the long-term harm this will produce. Easy to ignore by the myoptic bunglesharded, story-addicted chimeguys... By then the damage was due to Chekov’s gayass gun that fired blanks."

"Well yeah the nature of reality fundamentally is chaotic, an intangible mess of clutter independent from the mind—what are we but apes, frogs, and fangs bundling together sensory experience and making up elaborate guessing games that catch on and become some social construct of truth, or a psycholinguistic kind of collective truth (depending on the universal grammar defining it). Without further sophistry, lol, I associate Web 3 with dApps and smart contract -enabled cryptocurrencies. I know from experience that Phantom is Web 3 in the sense that it’s an Ethereum Virtual Machine, which functions on an interoperable smart contract platform like Etherscan, through solidity code, to create custom tokens that can be traded amongst other custom tokens within dApps; ranging from ERC-20, -721, to -1155, etc. For example, ERC-20s range in their utility; meme coins, seigniorage/algostables, lending protocols, buybacks, farming LPs or proof of staking, -locking. Most of them are copy/paste governance token type smart ponzis or hard rugs / scams; some are soft rugs, pump-n-dump, excessively high-yielding APY farming tokens; and then there are NFTs and DAOs. But I prefer non-negotiable, refundable, tangible, fungible tokens. NNRTFTs. Nah but you gotta watch for dem Conbase scams tho. Heard of one today where you go to connect your hot pocket to the dApp but then a fake Metamask login comes up and phishes your login info ✓"



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