While there is not any overarching emphasis on mythology and handed-down symbolism, or dark, wild, magical rituals here, from an authorly reservation of thematically defining Notion as "an Idea in the process of understanding", the history of occult literature on demonology is not covered or addressed here, nor is there any specific research, but yours falsely wanted to clarify further the as below, so above thesis that’s indicative of satanic spirituality.

The maxim "as above, so below" holds spiritual debt to the Westernized canon of philosophy/theology, while borrowing from mixed esoteric, written teachings. What’s great about it is its usefulness to encompass all things spiritual, but it speaks generally of finding piety in what’s above rather than "below". Western spirituality since ancient Greek Platonic times has considered the highest good "above" the physical realm. In The Notion of Occultism, one can be atheist and spiritual, which inverts this maxim, with the physical realm as the highest good instead.

It also inverts this maxim by suggesting as below, so above, because not only can spirituality be monistic, but universal, cosmological duality is derived from Manichaean theology, which always seems to favor duality to good representing God and bad representing Evil. (Also known as theistic dualism.) If someone were a spiritual atheist, not ironically the study of Taoism and how the forces of nature are constantly at odds aligns better with a sort of Eastern monism. Life is just foreign-to-itself; the Devil is existential alienation without the reassurance of God. And despite relating the idea of evil to a fundamentally random, chaotic universal force, rather there is a way to hold faith with Oneness in Taoism, a neutral kind of Spontaneity, as opposed to theistic duality balancing forces of good and evil. (Think of it as a universal kind of Indulgence.)

So anything else on the topics of agnostic, gnostic, theistic and deistic spirituality, philosophy or theology, is open for discussion in the Notion of Occultism’s critique. Presupposing one has already detached enough from the mundane conformity and repetition of working class hell. That said, occult dark fantasy does offer some introspective contrast on an individual’s shadow-self, offering an alternative to cultural toxic positivity. In other words, sanity is always valuable when socialization is more inauthentic than not. Just when you have it all — only does one realize the jarring emptiness of parasitic existence. This is why some privileged, perhaps even affluent, people suffer silent suicides that can foreshadow future suicides: the mind is not designed for completion. You are thrown into hierarchical existence where you have to struggle on a daily basis to fit into a role society has implemented to keep the hive mind in circulation. Whereas the working class repress their violent delusions and seek catharsis through impulsive daydreams of beating up and killing other people as if it were a movie or video game; to always compete against one another is both the poison and the cure; it creates a necessary stress for one to keep putting in work. But like the infinite staircase that only generates more steps to take, people like the pursuit more than actually obtaining the peak. However, there really isn’t much time to honestly enjoy the peak without feeling, if not incomplete, unstable on it. What isn’t a vicious cycle?

Aside from this Sisyphean propaganda, the other satanic atheist perspective on spirituality would be such that the universal ontology of creation is imperfect, which further parallels deism. So it comes down to Tao-based, Eastern monism or some kind of abstract deism that claims God is a masterclass scam artist designed to always test people and keep them in check, and that goodness and virtue is contingent on a person's authenticity stemming from free will.

  • Note that Taoism is disguised as a duality, but that duality is two sides of the same coin. This isn’t to neglect the Yin/Yang symbolism. When that symbolism is juxtaposed onto a coin, one side of the coin suggests; there is a little bit of good in all that is bad—while the other side suggests: there is a little bit of bad in all that is good.

Thus, you have everything you need at all times, even when it doesn’t seem like it. It’s a combination of boredom, suffering, and brief moments of relief, few and far between. So keep flipping the coin.

Fate is luck.



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